Som Swakum... Welcome to Cambodia!!!

Visiting Cambodia today not only means being able to see places that have been virtually untouched by the outside world for decades but also helping the people of this embattled country come out from under years of war and strife to rebuild their lives and renew their communities. In Cambodia you can go temple trekking, bird watching, river cruising, beach bathing or dirt biking and, of course, you can always just stroll about, eat, shop and stay in a friendly Cambodian hotel. Cambodia promises a wealth of emotions and experiences to its visitors.

If you were to measure people's income by the smiles on their faces, you could easily believe that Cambodia was one of the riches countries in the world - not one of the poorest.

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Cambodia is rapidly emerging from a terrible period in its history - during the time of the Vietnam War, and subsequently the infamous Pol Pot regime, the country was decimated and rebuilding the country from such a low base takes time. Despite its dark past, Cambodia today is an amazing and exciting country to visit. Over the past decade the country has slowly been opening up and today travellers are once again able to explore the many magnificent sights of this fascinating place and are spoilt for choice of things to see and do. There is a wide variety of places to stay, as well as many interesting local Cambodian tours to give you an insight into the lives of the locals.

Due to its isolation, western-style development has not penetrated far and hence much of traditional Asian values and culture are on display. The people are widely known to be enormously warm and friendly, and there is a real treasure trove of old Khmer ruins and French colonial buildings to explore. Visit Cambodia and travel through history!

Chief amongst the sites to visit in Cambodia are the famous and truly remarkable Angkor ruins near Siem Reap. The pinnacle of Khmer architecture, Angkor Wat is one of the World's prime tourist attractions and a must see on a visit or tour in Cambodia. Near to Siem Reap, you can also see a more authentic side of Cambodia in Battambang. Cambodia also has much more to offer its visitors away from the ruins of yesteryear. Phnom Penh is a charming place to visit, and a stroll along the riverfront is highly recommended. A visit to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, and the killing field of Choeung Ek are a sombre reminder of its past and provides an appreciation of the peace and stability that Cambodians are experiencing today. Whilst Sihanoukville's white sandy beaches, warm pristine waters and friendly service from the locals offers you the perfect opportunity to get away, unwind and relax in this little known tropical paradise. A simple and safe way to get around and explore the country is to take a Cambodian tour.

A great way to get to this part of South East Asia is through Bangkok. You could then sample the delights of Thailand, before heading north to Laos or east to Cambodia and Vietnam.

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