About Us

Doing business with Local Experts 

whl.travel is all about local connections. We believe that only a locally owned and operated company can have the depth of knowledge, appreciation and expertise necessary to showcase their destination. Cambodia is way more than the amazing Angkor Wat temples. This laid-back country offers an incredible wealth of history, culture, and world-class natural treasures. Only a local company can provide you with the information, insight and support to make your trip to Cambodia a fulfilling, informative, and very real travel experience. All of our whl.travel destination booking portals are owned and operated by carefully selected and well-respected travel agencies and tour operators working in their destinations. 

To become a whl.travel Local Partner, these companies were evaluated via a selection process that considered the quality of their services, their reputation in the destination, and their ability to bring local suppliers into the online market (with a focus on small, medium, and micro businesses). Commitment to whl.travel network quality standards such as 24-hour customer response, maintenance of site content to keep it current, and inclusion of Caring for the Destination products to highlight suppliers focused on sustainability is also a key criterion.

Our partners’ local knowledge and their love and respect for their destinations coupled with whl.travel’s global online technology creates the perfect tool to help us fulfill our goal of connecting travelers to the world. With whl.travel you deal with people who really know the destination! 

Why Book with Locals? 

Nobody else is doing what whl.travel does. Our philosophy of having a local connection in every destination where we operate differentiates us from other travel sites. Apart from enabling our local partners to offer unique online content and products, this model helps our destinations build local capacity. It allows us to offer the traveller a wide variety of accommodation and service providers which would normally not be available or bookable online. And because you are booking with local businesses, the money you spend remains in the destination you are visiting and supports sustainable tourism there.

There is a local WHL connection in each one of our destinations, which are locally owned and operated. You can get to know our local connections throughout Cambodia by clicking on the destination below:

- Siem Reap
- Phnom Pemh
- Sihanoukville